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Cream Country Style Kitchen in Worthing, West Sussex

We recently completed a Mereway kitchen in Worthing that demonstrated Mereway’s ability to put a modern spin on a classic kitchen style.

Mr and Mrs Cole were looking to replace their dark and out of date 1980’s kitchen, which was dated by decorative tiling, and taps which were starting to wear.

They wanted a range of things from a new kitchen – it had to be light, have inventive storage solutions, whilst in keeping with the house style. The kitchen also needed to accommodate a decent sized workspace, and ultimately had to stand the test of time.

Mr and Mrs Cole were returning customers of Alexander’s; their last home had its kitchen installed by Alexander and had lasted the entire 20 years they had stayed at the home. Coming back to the showroom for a new kitchen, they had been impressed by the attitude of the staff, and appreciated not getting a hard sell; instead being allowed to look around and discover what they liked. When it came to getting a quote, the team was also helpful. At Alexander, thanks to keeping everything in house – we are able to offer one complete, clear and itemised quote covering the entire installation, with no hidden extras

The Coles describe the design consultation and process as thorough.

Alexander helped me get what I wanted. We didn’t have many ideas so were provided many, which were then fine tuned and interpreted by Alexander, as well as suggesting alternatives. They were able to optimise where things went, and were prepared to go through a number of iterations – there was no rush and everyone wanted to get it right. The design process was as good at the built itself.

When it came to settling on a kitchen, Mereway were chosen for the style and quality. The worktops were perfect , being the right mix between low maintenance and a desirable look, keeping in theme with the classic styling. The kitchens colour palette was chosen with adaptability in mind – by going with natural colours, a style change in the future could be achieved by simply re-painting walls and changing fixtures such as the blinds.

When it came to installation, the Coles were impressed by the organisation – it was planned well and executed fantastically with no snags or hold ups – the team was incredibly professional and reliable, always stopping to check if there was a preferred way of doing things.

Friends of the family are said to all be impressed by the kitchen, stating it has a real wow factor. Last year the Coles had found it difficult to cook Christmas dinner for 12 people with only 3 hobs and an old grubby cooker, but this year was joy and everyone had loved it. So impressed were The Coles with the installation, that they have asked them back to now do the bathroom!  

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