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When trying to decide on a new kitchen there are many decisions to make. However small they seem they will all have a lasting effect on not just the aesthetic but also the functionality of your kitchen and a sink is no exception to this. So you can make a fully informed decision we have compiled our experiences with each type of sink so you know exactly what will suit your kitchen.

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Inset sinks are probably the most common sink type seen in most UK homes, mainly because of their affordable price. They are equipped with a draining board so are useful if you handwash dishes, where the water will drain back into the main bowl or half basin because of the design of the sink. In recent years Inset sinks have decreased in popularity due to an increased range of seamless sink installation methods. Because an inset sink is fitted on top of a worktop there is normally five-millimetre lip when the sink is fitted. One of the most popular inset sinks we sell is a Blanco Silgranite® sink. A silgranite® sink is made of up to eighty percent granite making it is highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains which is what makes it such a popular choice.

Blanco Inset Sink Image


An undermounted sink is one of the seamless sink installation methods that has led to the demise of the inset sink. The main perceived benefit of an undermounted sink is that there is no lip or ridge between the sink and the worktop, giving a cleaner, seamless look. An undermounted sink is fitted underneath the worktop not on top meaning there is no gap, which does add a slight cost to the installation process. Although an undermounted sink can be fitted with an integrated draining board a common choice is to have drainer grooves drilled into your worksurface giving a clean finish to the sink area. One problem with an undermounted sink is that you cannot have laminate worktops due to the undermounted installation, meaning you will have to invest in quartz, Corian or Granite if this sink style is your preference.

Blanco Undermounted Sink Image


If you ever see the word flush before a sink, appliance or other it means that something has been integrated into the worktop to give it a seamless appearance, so that you could run a finger over it without noticing. A flush-mounted sink is very similar to an inset sink, although significantly more expensive when installation by a fabricator is considered. The only real difference is that the lip on an inset sink is ultra-thin on a flush-mounted sink, so that it can be integrated into the worksurface without a lip being visually apparent on the surface. With a flush-mounted sink you are not limited by worktop, although they do tend to look best with modern laminate worktops.

Flush Mounted Blanco Sink


A perfect addition to any country or traditional kitchen is a farmhouse sink. Also called a butler sink, farmhouse sinks are defined by the fact that their porcelain front is exposed to the kitchen giving a classic cottage styling. A farmhouse sink is fitted into a fabriacted space in the worktop, with a small seal on the outside preventing water getting through any gap. If a farmhouse sink is your preference it is worth having a look at Villeroy and Boch’s range of premium farmhouse sinks. Although some are slightly more expensive many find them an uncompromisable option for a vintage styled renovation, or as shown can create stunning contrast in a modern kitchen.

Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse Sink Image


If you want to create a truly seamless experience it is possible to have your worktop integrated into your sink with the same material and colour. Manufacturer Silestone offers a range of square, rectangle and rounded rectangle sinks that can be fabricated into quartz worktop. A quartz sink is manufactured without a join, meaning there is no potential for leakage as quartz is a non-porous natural substance. From a cost perspective quartz is one of the more expensive options alongside Corian, especially when you consider that worktops must be made of the same material.

Quartz Sink Image


A Corian sink is a very similar proposition to a Quartz sink. The only real difference in outcome is that a Corian sink will leave a much smoother appearance as it is by far a more malleable material for a fabricator to work with. Most Corian sinks are available in all Corian worktop colours with a selection of others available in cameo white, glacier white and designer white. A popular choice with a Corian sink is to contrast the worktop with a white coloured sink, which because of the smooth edge looks truly stunning.

If you are ready to start talking about your sink options in greater detail, why not take advantage of our free design and quote service? A designer will measure your kitchen space and create you a no obligation three-dimensional design in your chosen specifications.

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