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A new oven usually takes some time to get used to, often it will cook slightly hotter or colder than your previous oven and not forgetting understanding all the features and settings of your new oven. So, with a Neff oven being designed to be the ultimate aid for avid cooks, you will not be surprised that there are a lot more settings that more common oven manufacturers. This blog is designed to help and guide you through some of the most important settings that come with a Neff oven, so whether you are looking to invest in a new Neff oven, or want to learn more features about your existing appliance then keep reading.



With a Neff oven you will get all the features and programmes that you would expect from an oven. All Neff ovens benefit from CircoTherm® technology. The CircoTherm® setting is a unique hot-air system that enables you to bake and roast at the same time on different shelves in your oven, enabling you to cook different dishes at the same time. Select Neff appliances even have a CircoRoast setting, which allows for gently roasting while the fan circulates hot air all around the oven.

Another prominent feature on several Neff ovens is the Pyrolytic feature. The Pyrolytic feature uses heat to reduce built-up food residues to turn them to ash that can then be wiped away. This is a particularly useful feature if you tend to cook a lot of fatty foods which create a lot of grease and residue in the oven.

There are several other features that come with selected Neff ovens that make cooking certain foods much easier and with much better results. For perfectly cooking bread there are two settings that will help. The first is the dough proofing setting, this setting makes the proofing process much quicker than using regular room temperature and this special setting doesn’t let either the surface of the dough dry out. The actual cooking of the bread is made much easier with the use of the bread baking setting which helps you to cook at the perfect temperature and with the perfect crisp to the crust.

A useful setting for the winter months is the slow cooking setting, it will help you perfectly cook stews and broths for a delicious winter meal. This setting is a great alternative to the bottom heat without fan setting, for slow cooked casserole-style dishes. Ovens with this function use gentle top and bottom heating to cook food thoroughly and tenderly for several hours.

For a setting that will be a family favourite all year round why not try the oven cooked pizza setting? By combining bottom heat with the fan, you can make sure pizza bases crisp up nicely without over cooking or burning the toppings. This fan with bottom heat setting is also great for pastry dishes where you want to keep the fillings moist.

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