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You may have seen a snippet of Mereway’s new Q-Line collection before in our review of this years’ KBB exhibition. After a brief delay due to lockdown, the brochures have now been printed and the samples sent, with the new ceramic based furniture option now available to order through our showrooms.

The ceramic or glass-based Q-Line door has been introduced to offer an ultra-high-end kitchen furniture option. Available in two configurations: ‘C-Line’ and ‘L-Line’, these options both offer simple handleless storage access through a touch to open system, incorporating quick-fire pistons for reactive opening while also acting as a unique soft closing mechanism.

Different door styles across the Q-Line collection are made from different compositions. The ceramic door utilises 3mm thick ceramic, bonded to a 16mm colour co-ordinated mdf substrate for a clean light finish. The glass door option uses the same 16mm colour co-ordinated mdf substrate but instead incorporates a 4mm toughened glass front, of which a satin or polished finish can be chosen.

To accompany the impressive new Q-Line option, a number of new unit types have also been introduced that perfectly complement the new ceramic and glass door options. Base unit sizes have increased to 840 high, with tall units increasing to 1678mm, 2055mm and 2240mm high to complement the dramatic Q-Line door options. New 1050mm high wall units are now available, as well as inventive false drawer units which give the impression of a two-drawer base unit. A helpful addition is also an integrated waste unit, which combines a waste bin with touch-to-open unit access.


The new Q-Line collection will be integrated into the existing Cucina Colore range with new colour options developed to suit the ceramic and glass door options. For the ceramic door option colours all utilise a stone-based appearance with options including Bianca Ceramica, Pietra Ceramica, Grafite Ceramica and Rustico Ceramica. You can see the Pietra Ceramica and Grafite Ceramica colour options combined to create a dramatic kitchen space in the middle image.

The glass Q-Line colour options depend upon the finish selected. For the satin face finished Q-Line door, customers will have the choice of Bianca Satin Face, Grigo Satin Face, Grafite Satin Face and Nero Satin Face while for the polished face glass door the options are the following: Bianca Polished Face, Grigo Polished Face, Grafite Polished Face and Nero Polished Face. When choosing the glass Q-Line door option, both satin and polished face doors can easily be combined as shown in the top image where Bianca Satin Face and the Grafite Polished Face colour options have been chosen.

To finish the Q-Line concept, new handrails in the colour options: White Matt Painted, Grey Brushed, Graphite Painted, Black Brushed, Brass Brushed and Bronze Brushed have been added as well as a new stand-out colours for plinths and cabinets.

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