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Spooky Neff Halloween Recipes

It’s the time of year where ghoulish and devilish dishes come to many homes across the country, with apple bobbing, monster mashing and pumpkin carving just some of the activities many will be partaking in.

All the activities are sure to wear out adults and children alike, so when that does happen be prepared with some spooky and delicious treats from our key cooking appliance partner Neff. Whether you’re hosting a party for the children or a themed dinner party, Neff have got you covered with inventive and tasteful dishes for all ages to enjoy.

Watch the short video for each recipe, then cook up a fearsome feast by using the recipe card.

If you’re planning a party you can also click here to view Neff decoration tips, cocktail ideas and more!

Feta Baked Ghosts

A hearty twist on a weekday staple.

If you’re having a quiet Halloween, inject a little fun into your dinner with ghoulish feta ghosts. Swap spaghetti for slime-like courgetti and roast juicy cherry tomatoes alongside your feta ghosts for a spooky Halloween reminder.

Click here to view the Feta Baked Ghosts recipe card!

Succulent Black Sesame Salmon

Black sesame seeds turn this Chinese style Salmon dish into a seasonal alternative. Roast with added steam for extra succulence and add recommended greens or your choice of vegetables for a twist on a nutritious dish.

Click here to view the Succulent Black Sesame Salmon recipe card!

Creepy Crab Burger

In one of their more inventive Halloween dinner ideas, Neff combine flavoursome marinated crab with a creepy and salad packed burger with humorous olive eyes and devilish crab horns. Perfect for a light-hearted and tasty weekend dinner.

Click here to view the Creepy Crab Burger recipe card!

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Buns

This recipe is a perfect option for a busy Halloween party and can be prepped in advance leaving you to enjoy festivities. Prep and then place in the oven to enjoy this warming tear and share dish. Adjust decorations for this dish as you please.

Click here to view the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Buns recipe card!

Berrylicious French Toast with Blood Syrup

Enjoy a sumptuous Halloween themed breakfast or brunch with this oozing dish. Cook French toast as normal, adding blackberry maple syrup and fruit compote to Crème fraîche for a sweet Halloween treat.

Click here to view the Berrylicious French Toast with Blood Syrup recipe card!

Delicious Pumpkin Pasties

Make the most of your pumpkin carving leftovers or use pumpkin puree for this spooky snack. Add sweetness through a blueberry mixture that also gives your pasties a scary look. Cut shapes as inventively as you can with this snack.

Click here to view the Delicious Pumpkin Pasties recipe card!

Deviously Delicious Spiced Nuts

Stir together flavoursome and seasonal spices for this dish, roasting nuts generously in the mixture. Use with your favourite combination of nuts, replacing butter with a vegan alternative for a tasteful dairy-free snack.

Click here to view the Deviously Delicious Spicy Nuts recipe card!

Witches’ Crumble

Fall under the spell of this delicious Witches’ Crumble this Halloween, combining juicy cherries with a muddy chocolate and cocoa crumble. Split this crumble into ramekins for a flavourful desert to be shared.

Click here to view the Witches’ Crumble recipe card!

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