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You may or may not have already heard the exciting news that we have been busy during the lockdown period installing a new bathroom showroom area at our Horsham showroom. With this exciting news we have compiled a guide of the various types of bathroom furniture weighing up some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Fitted bathroom furniture is our first type of bathroom furniture. It is characterised by the fact is designed to fit in-between or along a wall space. You can see an example of the fitted bathroom furniture and the clean minimalistic feel that comes with it in the top image. One benefit of this type of furniture is that you can essentially customise the combination of units used to suit your needs. Because the units are made in modular form, different storage styles and features like integrated toilet paper holders can easily be included in your own bathroom design. Because of this customisable design your bathroom can be truly unique dependent on how much storage you do or do not need. Making fitted furniture an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms where waste pipes can easily be covered thanks to cistern and pan housing. 


Our second type of bathroom furniture is wall hung bathroom furniture, which surprise surprise is defined by the fact that the furniture is hung tightly to the wall. Wall hung furniture tends to be a more modern option for a bathroom renovation with a slightly more minimalistic feel than fitted furniture, due to the fact that it is not extended to reach the floor. One great option with wall hung furniture is the fact that sinks can be integreated into the top of a storage unit doubling to reduce units in the room whilst still offering storage below (middle image). To continue a minimalistic feel when using wall hung furniture we can even design your bathroom with a wall hung pan and cistern with floating flush plate.


Our final bathroom furniture type is freestanding, which lends itself better to a traditional bathroom space. Freestanding bathroom furniture usually makes use of feet which the furniture stands on, with waste piping disguised within the furniture. A sink will commonly sit integrated into the top of a freestanding unit or on a worktop, with storage below. One of our most popular freestanding bathroom ranges is the Knightsbridge range from British manufacturer Mereway, which is the bottom image. With freestanding ranges decorative features are often available like exposed shelving or towel trays which help to add to the traditional and organised dynamic.

If you’re still unsure about the type of bathroom furniture that may suit your space, why not get the professional opinion of one of our experienced designers by using our free design & quote service. You can request your appointment by clicking the button below.

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