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Nowadays there’s a technology that can help you in almost every room in the house and the kitchen is no different. Whether you’re a novice with existing Home Connect appliances or are looking to invest in a completely connected kitchen then keep reading, as we plan to talk through some of the simple ways that Home Connect can help you in your daily routine.

If you already have a Neff or Siemens appliance you can see if your appliance has home connect capabilities by typing the model number into the respective companies website. It will tell you there the specifications of your appliance, alternatively you can check the appliance manual. Once connected, your world of kitchen efficiency will be significantly expanded, so we thought it would be a good idea to talk you through the capabilities of each appliance.

Home Connect Ovens

The oven is the heart of the kitchen. Where you create your favourite family meals and where you spend time watching your delicious creations come to life. But what else can the oven do? The main benefit of any home connected appliances is the fact that your appliances can now be controlled without your immediate presence. Preheat the oven on your way home or check the status of a slow cooking casserole, whatever you need can be viewed from the Home Connect app on your phone or tablet. If you’re in the house but have messy hands from your latest culinary masterpiece your appliance can even be controlled by your voice with the help of an Amazon Alexa enabled device. Siemens Home Connect also enables you to send cooking instructions to your oven from your device based on your recipe selection from the recipeWorld catalogue.

Home Connect Hobs and Ventilation

Remote monitoring of Home Connect enabled Hobs and ventilation systems allows constant updating from the Home Connect app, with selected ventilation systems even notifying you when new filters or maintenance of the hob is needed. You can change the power on the hob from your device and can even opt for ambient lighting with Siemens emotionLight Pro and a choice of 256 shades.

Home Connect Fridge Freezers

How many times have you got to the shop only to forget what you have in the fridge? With selected Home Connect appliances you can see the exact contents from your fridge on the move via the Home Connect app. You can even alter the temperature of the fridge or freezer using the Home Connect app helping you to pre-chill for any temperature sensitive food.

Home Connect Dishwashers

Home Connect for dishwashers means that you will not even have to think about the contents and how best they should be cleaned. Answering a few simple questions via the app will provide you with the optimum setting based on the contents that need to be cleaned. As well, the dishwasher can be completely controlled via the app in case you forget to start it in the morning rush. Tablets will even appear at your door automatically when you connect to an Amazon Dash button.

Home Connect Coffee Centres

What could be better than a piping hot coffee in the morning without using any effort? With Home Connect this is a real possibility, you can make your favourite beverage from the app and if the whole family want a morning drink you can make an ‘order’ to please the whole family with a playlist ordering system. You can even expand your taste for coffee with Siemens coffeeWorld technology giving you access to hundreds of unique worldwide coffee recipes at the touch of a button.

Home Connect Tumble Dryers and Washing Machines

Similar to a Home Connect dishwasher Neff and Siemens laundry appliances possess the ability to determine the best setting based on a few quick questions, helping to ensure the longevity of your clothes. Both Tumble Dryers and Washing Machines use remote monitoring to show you the status of a load and can both even be started from the Home Connect app. Push notifications will let you know when a cycle has finished and even when liquid levels need refilling.

If you want to find out more information about Neff and Siemens Home Connect then visit our showroom where a specially trained designer will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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